About Us

We are two sisters passionate about our faith, family & friends, and modest frocks. It has been a dream of ours to have a boutique and so here we are fulfilling our dream and hopefully yours. May you find the perfect dress.

Amy Jo

Hey there, I was born and have been raised in this lovely province of Nova Scotia. I spend too much time (and money) online shopping. Ever since I was a wee one I adored starting up businesses which would be set up in our playroom or anywhere there was room. My lucky customer base was my family haha. I also have a hobby of designing and it has been so fun to put that to more use to create this website for you. 

P.S. I also adore animals. For fun, try and spy my cat on this website.

Now, abit about our name. We were both raised in lovely Nova Scotia and every June we had these wildflowers called  "lupines" that would fill the ditches and anywhere they were planted. They made the beginning of summer beautiful and vibrant and as a child I would gather the pods after they were done blooming and put them in a tin pan to dry until they would pop open and I would have handfuls of tiny seeds to plant for the next year (if they made it until then without getting lost.) Anyways, henceforth came our name "The Wild Lupine" to remind us of the summer ditches of Nova Scotia. 

Margaret Beth

I grew up on the beautiful East Coast and seven years ago married in Northern Alberta and now live on farm with my wonderful husband and two lively littles. With the long winters and far distance from town, I have often turned to crafty things for therapy. Making soy candles (which I have quit due to the unchild friendly manner in which they are made) and vegan leather hair clips for babies. I have also loved online window shopping for lovely modest frocks to fill my closet. I am so excited to be putting this hobby into good use.. .for you to enjoy as well!